Insspira, Like Many Movements, Started With

a guy Who Couldn't Sit Still.

The guy in our story is Alex Berezowsky - who back in 2004 was a business, marketing, psychology, technology and certificate-addicted student with a fistful of Bachelor's and Master's Degrees.

Alex's programming at the time was straightforward: get the qualifications; get a decent job in the marketing sector, live happily ever after. But there was a flickering spark inside Alex that made him question his vanilla- flavored life path...

A spark that urged him, on his umpteenth graduation day, to book a month-long around-the-world flight ticket, so he could explore the world and himself.

His turning point

happened one evening on the China leg of his adventure, as he finally found himself sitting alone at the peak of an ancient Buddhist temple near the Great Wall.

Because it was in that solitude, hundreds of meters above sea level, gazingstraight into a fiery sunset, that Alex made a life-changing decision:

He Would Use The Technology And Psychology He Loved... To Help Millions Of People Experience

Their Own Life-Changing Breakthroughs.

That's how Insspira was conceived. And today, we're a publishing company and movement in Vancouver that publishes hundreds of unusually transformational online training programs in a variety of niches - from internet marketing and business to relationships and human sexuality.

Over 10 million people visit our websites yearly.


Over 1 million people are subscribed to our online communities.


The leading affiliate marketing portal Clickbank has ranked us as one of their Top Clients for 4 years and counting.

And Alex? He's been ranked by Fast Company magazine as the 31st most influential person on the Internet.

Not bad for what started as a rebellious college grad balancing on a temple top.

Insspira Is Ridiculously Passionate About Two Things:

Technology & Education.

We live in a breathtaking time in human history. It's pretty crazy to think that not too long ago, a person's knowledge was limited by the books in their dusty old library.

Today we've got interactive video training courses. eBooks we can fit by the thousands into tablets and readers. And the life-changing opportunity to learn anything, from anyone, wherever we are on the planet.

Technology and education have been upgraded at an incredible rate over the years. Isn't it time you gave yourself an upgrade too?

The Most Transformational Information On The Planet

Downloaded Directly Into Your Mind

We believe education is the best way to dramatically elevate a person's life. But for that elevation to happen (and keep on happening), you need education that's engaging… entertaining… inspiring... and as accurate as it is up-to-date.

That's the criteria we use for every piece of content we publish - with a little help from space-age digital technology that lets us design and distribute affordable, one-of-a-kind learning experiences to millions worldwide.

And that's one of the many reasons we believe we're a different kind of publishing company.

If Our Mission Excites You… Why Not Join Us?