Insspira is a different kind of digital publishing company. Different because we have this habit of thinking, well, BIG. For instance, the way we see it:


We don't just publish eBooks and online products

we democratize and spread epic wisdom with the power to shake the heavens and accelerate human evolution...

We don't just solve problems through education

we empower people to soar above their circumstances so they can do, see, experience and be epic things...

We don't just use technology to spread the word

we leverage futuristic digital innovations to add previously unimaginable depth, reach and impact to educational content.

Awesome Things Can Happen When You Take This

Larger-Than-Life Approach To Business…

Over 10 million people visit our websites yearly.
Over 1 million people are subscribed to our online communities.
We have published over 75 books in a variety of niches.
Our founder, Alex Berezowsky, is ranked by Fast Company magazine as the 31st most influential person on the internet.
We've collected over 4,000 love letters by overjoyed clients.

Insspira Inspires…

Our goal is to elevate everyone we touch into a more successful, happy and abundant version of themselves - from our customers and subscribers to our employees and authors.

Insspira Inspires…

We believe in changing the planet one person at a time. Every product and message we put out has a higher purpose of making the world a better place for everyone.

Insspira Inspires…

The fields of education and technology never sit still and neither can we. We're always experimenting with fresh ideas that add game-changing value to our products and launches.

Hey, Wanna Do Something Crazy Together?

If leaping off a metaphorical cliff into the sweet unknown is more appealing to you thanthe idea of a cubicle and a swivel chair, then we need to talk.

Because just like you, Insspira thrives on pushing boundaries. Radical experimentation. Exhilarating excitement. And going places others won't.

That's the kind of attitude it takes to change the world - and have a ton of fun doing it.

Up for the challenge?