Here's a closer look at each of us...


Alex Berezowsky

Chief Visionary

Alex accepts the entrepreneur label with grace - but he also loves being a futurist, an artist and a perfectionist who envisions game-changing launches, campaigns and information masterpieces for Insspira, one pixel at a time.


Alejandro Berezowsky

Master of Operations

Alejandro's knack for systems and processes makes him the high- octane fuel for the Insspira engine. This is the man whose specialty is ramping up our efficiency and productivity, so we can make a bigger impact where it matters most.


Raquel Morphy

Numbers Ninja

When you're dealing with millions of people and dollars, laser­ accurate bookkeeping becomes more necessity than luxury. Raquel's passion for numbers and exquisite attention to detail turns this herculean task into a cinch.


Juan Pablo Castaño

Product Alchemist

Like a skilled master craftsman, Juan infuses passion, insight and vision into every information masterpiece he creates for Insspira. The result is irresistible ebooks, courses and learning experiences that elevate our customers into loyal fans.


Robert Mbabazi

Web Wizard

Every spy film has that genius tech expert; the guy who helps the hero save the day from behind the scenes. Robert is ours, digging deep into his web and coding wisdom to craft bulletproof technical foundations for each of our platforms.


Marcus Yong

Tech Titan

Insspira relies on Marcus' Matrix-like wisdom to craft futuristic websites, digital products and online experiences. Each one setting new benchmarks in functionality, stability and customer delight.


Seph Jaboneta

Art Prodigy

Seph's artwork hits that elusive sweet spot between aesthetics and functionality. From logos to cover art to this webpage you're reading, he creates visuals and page layouts that are both intuitive and a joy to soak in.


Aldrin Carlo

Graphics Maestro

Even the most transformational content can get overlooked without a powerful visual idea that draws attention to it. Aldrin specializes in graphics that draw attention and lend a memorable brand identity to our content assets.


There's Always Room For One More At The Table...